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5 Project implementation commissions

The Microtechniques Centre has 5 working Commissions that meet several times a year to review the general guidelines for projects, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to participate.

• “Biomedical” Commission (offshoot of the Markets and Long-term Applications Commission)
The Biomedical Commission is a product-market commission. It brings together industry, university hospital researchers and practitioners and regional economic development actors. The Commission’s 2009 objectives are primarily to boost the presence of Franche Comté SMEs in the medical appliances market, but also to establish a network of laboratories and companies capable of offering a total service in that market.

• “Technological Innovation and Long-term Planning” Commission
The Innovation and Transfer Commission tries to detail a strategic roadmap for each of the Centre’s 5 technological areas (micro-manufacturing/ micro-handling, micro-injection/micro-moulding, microsystems, surface treatments and nanomaterials) in common with other regional centres. This is a meeting place between SMEs and the research world that has already led to the creation of ex-nihilo projects run by project managers.

• “Skills and Training for microtechniques” Commission
The Skills and Training for microtechniques Commission, which brings together both regional training actors and companies from the microtechniques sector, aims to provide a response to the following challenges:
- how to improve the correlation between the skills companies’ expect and applicants’ profiles;
- how to promote Franche Comté industry careers to make the sector more attractive to school leavers and university graduates.

• “Social dialogue: cohesion and transformation of the economic and social fabric” Commission
As human resources policy is a success factor for the sector, this work group, coordinated by the chairman of the Franche Comté Social and Economic Council, has set an objective to encourage inter-company initiatives on employment, professional integration of young people, qualification and recognition of skills and mobilising all the parties concerned in an organization of renewed social dialogue.

• “International Action” Commission
The International Action Commission structures its actions around three work areas from 2009 to 2012, relying on regional actors to achieve its goals:
- promoting the Centre abroad by promoting Franche Comté industrial skills, research and training. The Centre is therefore present at topical trade shows like the Medtech in Stuttgart or the EPHJ in Lausanne;
- building ties with other clusters with which the Centre may develop synergies;
- helping microtechniques SMEs to expand abroad.

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