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15 B avenue des Montboucons
25030 BESANÇON Cedex

Phone: 0363082400

General Manager
M. Laurent LARGER

Project engineer
Mme Alexandra MONNIN



The FEMTO-ST Institute is one of the largest French laboratories in engineering science. Combining scientific fields such as automatic control, acoustics, energy, computer science, mechanics, mechatronics, microsystems, nanotechnology, optics and time-frequency, its research aims at controlling the micro and nanotechnologies, integrating ever denser and smarter functions for the emergence of components and systems for optimized performances. The institute is composed of seven scientific departments, of several technological platforms, including a leading national micro and nanofabrication centre (MIMENTO); as well as technology development centre (FEMTO-Engineering).


High precision mechanical engineering | Very high precision micromechanical engineering | Machining, micromachining | Micromanufacturing | Microactuators, microsensors | Automation | Micromechanical and/or microelectrical microsystems | Research and transfer of microtechnology | Metrology, measurement and control | Other(s) : Robotic micro-manipulation biomedical micro-robotics | Biochips, proteomic, micro-fluidic | Diagnostic and pronostic for complex systems | Fuel-cell systems, electrotechnic, hardware in the loop systems | Thermic and fluidic systems, thermic machines | Integrated sensors, network of communicating sensors, programmable matter, test and validation of complex softwares | Micro-nano-photonic and optical metrology, integrated optics, optical sensors, optical telecommunications, fiber optics applications | Time-frequency metrology and calibration, miniaturized time references | Micro-structured acoustic wave complex systems

Market Axes

Final markets

Main : Aeronautics and defense | Energy | Luxury goods | Medical | Land transports | Other(s) : Telecommunications

Other markets

Main : Acoustic | Lasers | Mechatronic | Microsystem | Optic-photonic | Robotic


Effective : 750

Language : English | Spanish

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