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Manager and sales manager
M. Nicolas MIGNAN



VirtualiSurg works with well-known surgeons and develops training support tools aimed at all surgical block staff. The method is to integrate the knowledge, the know-how and the behaviour of expert surgeons, who have many years of professional practice. Our modules foster the mastery of an operative technique and medical devices. As such, VirtualiSurg contributes to strengthen the safety of the surgical practice. Our solution, SurgXpert, enables to address the exponential growth of training needs globally. It results from an increasing demand for medical care (due to the increase and the aging of the world population), the fast evolution of technological innovations and the surgical techniques. Our solution is based on EdTech, which accelerates the revolution in surgical training. Two technologies, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence, have made it possible to develop an innovative tool to help with training: Virtual Reality promotes immersive learning: - The ultra-realism of the operating theatre, anatomical models and professional situations. SurgXpert allows the customisation of the operating theatre and to reproduce genuine surgical blocks. - The personalisation of training depending on the different needs: individual or collaborative, initial or expert training, and this for all members of the surgical theatre: surgeons, assistants, block nurses... - Artificial Intelligence allows adaptive learning: - Virtual mentoring (real-time support to the user) - The readjustment of the sessions according to the learner’s personal performances in the previous sessions.


Other(s): Virtual reality

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Code NAF : 8559B

SIRET : 82984377000027

Effective : 6

Capital : 6986 €

Language : English

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